Date: September 2019

Technicians Assist the TVMF PALS Program

Veterinary technicians contribute so much to the veterinary health care team and make up such an important part of the...

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Date: July 2019

Helping Lucy Eat Again

Lucy is a 12-year-old chihuahua belonging to the Torres family of east Austin. Mr. & Mrs. Torres have been receiving...

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Date: May 2019

Calling All Heroes!

Fearless Fern Everyday, TVMF is called on to help pets in need through the TVMF PALS program and our Rusk...

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Date: January 2019

Keeping Families Together

TVMF PALS Program Provides Free Veterinary Care to Homebound Texans Over its 40-year history, one purpose that remains unchanged about...

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Date: November 2018

Giving Back on #GivingTuesday

Tired of #blackfriday, #cybermonday and all the other consumer pleas for your dollars? Join the generosity movement on November 27th...

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Date: July 2018

Flying Miss Daisy

Ms. Robinson adopted Daisy as a tiny, 8-week old calico kitten, in October 2016. A neighbor’s cat had had kittens,...

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Date: April 2018


TVMF PALS Continues to Make a Difference for Homebound Community Members When Juliet Nations-Powell first visited Helen McCoy to deliver...

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Date: December 2017

Spreading Holiday Cheer

TVMF travelled to College Station to spend the day with students from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical...

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Date: October 2017

TVMF PALS program launches in Houston

Our first client in Houston was Dena, pictured here with Dr. Case of Washington Heights Veterinary Clinic and Kathy. Dena...

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Date: September 2017

Mini impact report from TVMF

Mr. Washington was hospitalized for knee replacement surgery in early 2016. While he was recuperating, his wife was hospitalized with...

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