Memorial Gift Program

TVMF’s memorial gift program is for those who wish to remember a deceased individual or pet. Memorial donations help fund the efforts of the Foundation, including the Emergency Student Grant Fund, stethoscopes for new veterinary students, owner education programs and the Rusk Veterinary Assistance Grant program. When you make a memorial gift, TVMF will send a card to the family of the individual or pet you are honoring, letting them know that you have made a gift in memory of their loved one.

  • To make your memorial gift, please click here.
  • For information on getting your veterinary clinic started in the Memorial Gift Program,  please click here.

Pet Memorial Gallery

The Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation is proud to provide this tribute to celebrate the special bond between humans and animals and those whose memory lives on. We invite you to share your pet’s story with others. With a $10 donation to the foundation, you can create a space online to memorialize your pet here.