Sponsor a Student

At the start of each school year, TVMF welcomes the new class of veterinary students at Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences and the Texas Tech School of Veterinary Medicine by providing them with a stethoscope for use during their education. TVMF Board and staff members enjoy spending time with the new students and welcoming them to the profession.

Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences student, Gifty Thomas, shared her feelings about receiving her stethoscope.

Receiving my stethoscope was a defining moment for me. I will always remember the note that I received with it from Dr. Susan Culp which said, “welcome to the greatest profession in the world.” I felt so humbled to be a part of those who are accepted into the class and truly welcomed into the field of veterinary medicine. I will always be able to look back on that moment, and I hope that one day I can support students as well.

The stethoscope presentation is an amazingly thoughtful gesture that shows incoming veterinary students that their colleagues in the field are rooting for their success. Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine student, Colton Buttgen, shared how the stethoscope gift has motivated him in his studies.

When I was given my stethoscope, that was the first time I truly felt that I was becoming a member of the profession. Seeing how invested Texas veterinarians are to promote the profession and invest in student success has driven me to ensure they’re going to get a great return on that investment.

TVMF invites you to connect with and support the next generation of veterinarians by becoming a part of this annual tradition through the Sponsor a Student program. Your gift of $100 or more* will sponsor the purchase of a stethoscope for an incoming student in the class of 2026. You can accompany your donation of a stethoscope with a brief, encouraging message for the student. The contribution of a personalized note and connection to a supportive colleague will make the gift more meaningful and exciting for the future veterinarians joining our profession.

* Additional donation amounts above the stethoscope sponsorship will be placed in TVMF’s Emergency Student Grant fund and the Philanthropy Scholarship fund. If you are interested in contributing to an endowment to permanently fund the gift of these stethoscopes, please contact Danielle Madrid for more info: dmadrid@tvma.org or 512-452-4224.